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Our resources can be used flexibly to suit your residents’ ability level as a discussion aid, to promote reminiscing sessions and to engage residents into providing input from their own life story.

Picture News Care is recognised as one of NAPA’s accredited activity resource suppliers. NAPA, the National Activity Providers Association, is a charity that provides support, activity resources and training to staff working in the care sector.

What's in a pack?

A vibrant A2 poster with a big, open question based on a current news story. The question encourages us to discuss, debate and form opinions. The poster can be used as a focal point for discussion in activities, or as part of an engaging display in social or visitor areas.

A care resource that includes a description of our big news story of the week and offers questions to spark discussion and sharing of opinions on the news story. Questions about how things have changed link current affairs to the past and residents’ own experiences. Questions about residents’ life stories, about their memories and how the current news ties in with their own pasts allow them to have their voice and share it, perhaps learning new things from and about each other!

A media link in the care resource provides a music and/or video link to a past song or show for residents to enjoy, reminisce about, and use as inspiration for further discussion or activities.

An activity resource that provides a variety of activities including word games, quizzes, wordsearches, arts and crafts ideas, etc. which link to the news topic of the week to further encourage engagement, promote interest in new and old hobbies, and bring some fun to the news! These are aimed at residents with higher cognitive ability.

A mini newspaper that includes two positive, inspiring, even funny news stories from around the world and can be used as reading for individuals, or combined into group activities to help spark interest and intrigue in the readers and be a springboard for further discussion.

It also has a dedicated section where ideas, opinions and comments that residents from all over the country can have their point of view shared.

A sensory resource that offers a variety of sensory ideas and activities including smelling stations, music links and physical activity inspirations to encourage engagement among those residents with lower cognitive ability. These activities can be expanded and developed or simplified, to suit the needs, abilities and interests of each individual resident.

Preview of a pack!

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Fun activities that have really worked!​

‘We have lots of fun using the OUT OF THE BOX technique with our residents. Creating different scenes and atmosphere. One of our most popular ones in creating a holiday scene using fun music, different foods and drink related to holidays, singing songs and listening to holiday related themed music. We also make up a story using the ideas residents shout out from pictures around the room as we go along. This is so much fun! It lifts everyone’s sprits, makes people laugh with holiday stories and memories and leaves every one talking at the end.’

How can we stimulate residents with fun activities?

‘Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most fun! There’s always a song for every activity you do!’

‘We get the residents talking and laughing about their memories. Seeing the smiles on their faces as they reminisce is heart-warming.’

‘We ask them what they used to enjoy and what they are good at, then we use our imagination!’

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